Friday, June 1, 2012

Colorful June Day 1

My dear best friend Rebecca likes to tease me about how I only wear neutral colors. I told her that I purchased the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette via yesterday and after I described it to her, she said "Your most used colors will be the light neutrals. Calling it now." I was immediately infused with a burning desire to prove her wrong, that's how Colorful June was born.

I pledge to wear either colorful eyes or crazy colorful lips every day of June. I will post a couple pictures every day to show what I'm wearing!


Today I used three single eyeshadows to complete my eye look. All over the lid and up onto the brow bone is the LOreal infallible eyeshadow in Iced Latte. This gives the look more glow. I blended Urban Decay Shattered Eye shadow into Iced Latte. That toned down the teal color of shattered while still giving me a lot of color. In the crease I blended The Body Shop's matte eye shadow in the shade 20 which is a dark grey. The look I ended up with is both colorful and suited for every day wear!

If you want to do colorful looks for June, just send me pictures or a link to your post! I want to see what you come up with! Also if you want to see me use anything specific let me know!


  1. Great look on you! Please show your lovely smile more! ^.^

  2. Ha! Sounds like me. :) I've been doing lots of "crazy" eye colors lately, just to get away from neutrals. Yesterday they (my eyes) were this gorgeous bright green, tinted at the outer edge with a darker green, then finished with a dark silver in the corner to give them depth. It's pretty fun playing with color. And I haven't gotten any weird remarks or looks yet. :)

    1. That sounds so pretty! Do you have any pictures? I'm afraid I'm going to get into a rut now. Instead of wearing neutrals every day, I'll alternate between turquiose eyes and orange/coral lips... I have to push myself to be adventurous! I wore lime green on my eyes the other day because I let my friend do my makeup and I promised her I would wear it to work. It looked really cool and I even got some compliments from the creepy middle aged man age bracket.