Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorful June Days 9 & 10

Hi everybody! Here are my pics for this weekend!

Yesterday I went sailing all day. I got a little sunburned despite using copious amounts of sunscreen oh well. I also swam quite a bit as we were frequently becalmed. The water was frigid but I'm a fish so it doesn't matter to me! My hair was pretty wavy and wind blown when we got back on land!


Aside from the obvious sunburn, I used the DuWop Green Eyes palette for my eye look and I used a Body Shop Delipcious lipstick on my lips. Some of the flush was also from drinking wine on the boat. If I have the tiniest bit of alcohol I turn bright red!

Today I worked all day, then got dinner with my boyfriend (it was our unofficial two year anniversary!), and then I hung out with my best friend, Rebecca. I didn't really feel like doing anything with my face because of my sunburn, so I went virtually make-up less except for my lips.


On my lips I put the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. It is a fun bright color that is perfect for summer! Holy freckles!

Please comment and subscribe! Let me know what colors you are wearing for June!